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Mexican researchers have solved the problem of eating and drinking while keeping the mouth-space hermetically sealed against viral contamination. A new mask design blocks nasal exhalation, supposedly saving the wearer and others.

Restaurant patrons thoughtlessly breathing out while unmasked have long been the bane of the restaurant owner’s existence, preventing the once-lucrative establishments from returning to their status as the social hubs they were once considered prior to the onset of the ‘new normal.’But with the arrival of Covid-19, no face mask was considered protective enough – stores even posted signs on their walls warning against the use of masks with ‘vents,’ small circular outlets that allow the release of built-up carbon dioxide from inside the mask, preventing the wearer from falling victim to hypercapnia, a condition caused by the inhalation of too much carbon dioxide.Researchers in Mexico have made a nose-only Covid mask, which they say reduces the risk of infection of coronavirus during eating and talking.— CBS News (@CBSNews) March 24, 2021A pair of Mexican scientists appear to have “solved” the problem in a clip posted to CBS on Thursday. Each researcher sported two masks, leaving one on over their nose the entire time as they removed the larger, lower mask to drink from cups and eat sandwiches.

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A handful of the social media users responding to the mini-mask praised the couple in the video, declaring they “love[d] it when people have the absolute self-confidence to do something useful and caring without regard for personal appearance” – putting others’ well-being over their own sense of shame.Seems like a good idea. Obviously people can’t wear a mask over their mouth while eating. Seems like nose mask might be better than no mask.— Annie (@Anniefromkansas) March 24, 2021Except the mask came unaccompanied by any iota of data indicating the new design would protect anyone – wearer or onlookers – from the outbreak.Indeed, most viewers seemed to take it quite seriously, offering the researchers advice on how to market their hot new design.This makes sense for when eating and drinking because it reduces exposure by blocking one orifice, but I wonder if the net impact will be negative because ignorant people won’t put on a regular mask again after eating/drinking. You’d have to study the behavioral impact, I think.— Mark Schulz (@M_Schulz_) March 24, 2021Well, just a nose mask would REDUCE transmission of germs and viruses. It looks odd because we’re not used to it. A year ago facemasks look odd.— katzpjz-2 old for bullshit (@katspjz) March 24, 2021Ironically, some even observed that “ignorant people won’t put on a regular mask again after eating/drinking,” implying all the smart ones would be rushing to purchase the hot new trend for the summer, for no reason other than its trendiness – despite any functionality remaining for now in the realm of the imagination.Others mocked the ‘face bikini,’ in both style and substance, observing that a seemingly endless line of intimate apparel-as-PPE possibilities could make someone rich – or sick.It was only a matter of time before the mask bikini became a thing and Hell No— Kevin Dalton (@NextLAMayor) March 24, 2021With lifelong permanent organ damage.— j (@JackieJacqelyn) March 24, 2021And some suggested maybe it was time for humanity to throw in the towel after all if they were seriously tying mini-masks onto their noses to save them from what many argued was a slight case of the sniffles.Talk through your nose. It takes a lot of practice though.— john🔑 (@_________God__) March 24, 2021The real problem, as one user noted, was that the nose-mask “dramatically increases the risk of collapsing into hysterical laughter and choking to death on your food.”Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

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