WWII codebreaker Alan Turing honored on new UK bank note : worldnews From “World News”

Look, in not going to try to defend Turing’s treatment – homosexuals at the time went through horrendous chemical castration, or faced prison time. But there’s little evidence that Turing actually committed suicide. The official report stated suicide by cyanide (he was confirmed to have died from cyanide poisoning) but the apple that was found by his bedside was never) actually tested. Turing was in the midst of research which involved electroplating gold; cyanide was used to dissolve the gold so he was working with chemicals on a daily basis. The autopsy findings were just as consistent with inhalation of cyanide as they were with ingestion, so it’s reasonable to suspect that it could just have easily been a tragic accident.It’s certainly known that Turing had shown no signs of despondency before his death – he had many friends and was a very social character, and in fact kept no secret of his sexuality among his social circle.

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