New Zealand parliament unanimously approves paid leaves after miscarriage, a measure believed to be among the first in the world : worldnews From “World News”

I don’t know about NZ but here in Italy doctors have to validate that. A digital certificate is issued from your doctor or the hospital doctors towards your workplace telling them you have x days of medical leave. In Italy a miscarriage or a voluntary abortion is treated like a illness and the woman is granted days off. For privacy reasons your workplace won’t know why you have the medical days off*, so if you miscarry before telling your boss or colleagues you were pregnant, you don’t even have to tell them after the miscarriage, if you don’t want to.Medical days off can be granted for psychological reasons too. I had a co-worker whose husband killed himself, after the regular dead-spouse leave (2 weeks) the doctor put her on medical leave (for psychological reasons, she told us, but she did not have to tell us) because she was not fit to come back to work.To prevent people from taking days off for fake medical reasons workplaces can send you a doctor to verify ifyou are sick or faking it. The doctors acts under privacy rules so they can only tell your workplace if you are sick or not, no details.

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