A “plague” of the world’s most venomous spiders could swarm Sydney after torrential rain and flooding, the Australian Reptile Park said Wednesday, warning that the deadly arachnids could seek refuge in homes as they escape the deluge. : worldnews From “World News”

It’s sensationalist, as it will be, it’s a headline. But that aside, then sure, it’s just them seeking a few night’s refuge in homes. However when you reach your hand behind the sofa to grab the remote, that’s one guy you DON’T want to be around. Just because a spider isn’t looking to hurt anyone, doesn’t mean humans won’t be unaware wanks. Couple the accidental incidents from the Aussies and the inadvertent misfortune to the thousands of people stuck there for the past 10 months, somebody’s bound to get hurt in all of’s really quite cool, however it’s also an absolute need-to-know, and disgraceful is a disrespect to actual shitful articles.Edit- format (?) On mobile

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