Israel’s Netanyahu fails to form government by deadline, prolonging political deadlock : worldnews From “World News”

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 67%. (I’m a bot)There was also no guarantee that, after the conservative incumbent was unable to assemble a new coalition, parties outside his caretaker government could bridge their differences and unseat him.Netanyahu’s bloc of right-wing and Jewish religious parties failed to win a majority, but so did a camp aiming to oust him, which would have to include his right-wing rivals as well as traditional left-wing and centrist opponents.Bennett, 49, has voiced a preference to join Netanyahu but said he would seek a partnership with the prime minister’s opponents to avoid a fifth election as Israel reopens its economy following a swift COVID-19 vaccination rollout and grapples with the challenges of Iran’s nuclear programme.Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: party#1 Netanyahu#2 new#3 minister#4 prime#5

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