Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is in great pain and has trouble using his leg, while not receiving adequate medical help for weeks and being subjected to sleep deprivation, his team says. Though initially Navalny forbade to share this, lawyers raised concerns after not being able to meet him. : worldnews From “World News”

Here is translation of a public statement of Yulia Navalnaya, his wife:Everyone who knows Alexey knows that he will not complain until the very end. He will endure, try to cope himself and joke.All back problems began a month ago, in prison ‘Matrosskaya Tishina’. After he was transported to Pokrov, the situation only worsened. We found a doctor who was ready to come and examine him, the lawyers wrote petitions.Alexey forbade us to talk about it so that it doesn’t look like he is complaining. From the very beginning of his stay in this “friendly concentration camp” (not very friendly), he asked for at least some medicine. Another doctor who deals with back problems wrote me exercises from special gymnastics on paper to relieve pain. So these bastards not only do not let the medicine and the doctor pass, but also the papers with this gymnastics were taken from the lawyers and are not given to Alexei.Of course, complications with the back are also associated with the fact that he is not allowed to sleep normally, guards waking him up every hour at night. Here, a healthy one will go crazy, not to mention a person who suffered a fatal poisoning six months ago. Perhaps Alexei will need serious treatment. Having already had experience of interacting with doctors in the Omsk hospital, it is obvious that we cannot rely on the doctors whom the FSIN will give him (let me remind you again: these people even hide the exercises on a piece of paper).I demand that Alexey is given the opportunity to be treated by those doctors whom he trusts. Putin has already told the whole country that he reads my appeals to him. So: I demand the immediate release of my husband, Alexey Navalny, whom he unlawfully put into prison.Putin put him into prison, because Putin is afraid of political competition and wants to sit on the throne for the rest of his life. What is happening now is personal revenge and reprisal against a person, which is taking place before our eyes. This should stop immediately.

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