I am Melissa Fleming, I lead the Global Communications Department of the United Nations. AMA about tackling COVID-19 misinformation and making vaccines available and accessible to everyone, everywhere. : worldnews From “World News”

A year ago, a global pandemic turned our world upside down. The World Health Organization warned we were facing a double disaster, one from a deadly virus and one from a tsunami of false and misleading information powering through online platforms. There was little doubt, this was also an infodemic.Misinformation is nothing new, but now it posed a new and immediate danger to the public. The wrong advice and hateful content could spell the difference between life or death.One year on, we managed to develop COVID-19 vaccines but we need to make sure everyone can get access to them.And I can’t say we’ve developed a vaccine that can end the infodemic. But I will say we’re making progress on a treatment.I look forward to any questions you have! Ask Me Anything!Proof: Together campaign: to the podcast I host, Awake at Night: me on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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