Goldman Sachs boss says important to ‘go an extra mile’, after 13 US employees said of 95-hour working weeks and ‘inhumane’ conditions amounting to abuse : worldnews From “World News”

I’ve worked at an investment bank before (not Goldman, but it was the top 3). They and their employees pride themselves on what “prestige” they have, and how “prestigious” it is to work for them. I also was one of such people, but after the “honeymoon” phase wore off, I started asking myself what the hell is going on. People sacrificing their health for management that doesn’t care about them, but for what? Prestige? The salaries for the average person are not significantly (or at all) higher than at a similar position elsewhere.I was eventually fired for not doing hardly anything. I wasn’t motivated. There was no prestige. It was all just sycophants sucking each other’s dicks just because they worked for X, while in actuality they were nobodies, even to the company.

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