Critical Thinking: Will The World Only Change If People Become Aware Of What ‘The Elites’ Are Doing?

For many, many years now, it has been said that the world is ruled by a small group of people. Some of the people who have been talking about this for decades have even become household names.


This can be seen as largely the result of the platforms that are now available online and how easy it is for information to be shared. These sites give people the chance to reach millions of people.

A Niche Area

Before this was an option, someone like this would have had to rely on books, talks and word of mouth to get their message out. Also, what they spoke about was something that only interested a small number of people.

There are millions of people who are aware of what is going on and more and more people are becoming interested in these topics. This could be seen as a good thing and as something that will lead to change.

The Solution

If someone teaches others about these topics or is simply interested in learning about what is going on, they could believe that the key is to ‘wake’ as many people up as possible. This will be seen as the way to stop what these elites are doing and for a new world to appear.

Based on this, it will be essential for a large part of humanity to become aware of what is going on ‘out there’. If a large part of humanity doesn’t become aware of what is going on ‘out there’, the world won’t change.

Black and White

Like a well-known film series that is based in space, there will be those who are ‘good’ (most of humanity) and those who are ‘bad’ (the elites). Once these ‘bad’ people are no longer able to control humanity from behind the scenes, most, if not all, of the problems on this earth will disappear.

So, when someone has this outlook, they can believe that they are fighting the ‘forces of darkness’. This can be a war that is primarily fought online by sharing information about what these elites are doing and are planning to do in the future.

Stepping Back

Now, if there are people in the world who are like this and they are doing ‘bad’ things, the obvious thing will be to resist what they are doing; to push back in one way or another. The alternative to this would be to simply sit around and to allow these ‘bad’ people to continue to terrorise humanity.

However, what if focusing on and opposing what these ‘elites’ are doing actually does more harm than good? Moreover, what if believing that there is such a thing as ‘elites’ actually plays a part in their existence?

No Chance

If someone who follows these topics was to hear this, they could dismiss what is said and say that denying what is going on won’t solve anything. What this is likely to show is that one will see themselves as merely an observer of their reality.

Thus, they, along with most of their fellow human beings, are not going to be playing a part in what is going on in the world. Consequently, most people will be victims and the people at the top will be perpetrators.

An Illusion

In order for someone to realise why focusing on and opposing, along with believing there is such a thing as ‘elites’, will do more harm than good, they will need to understand how their ego-mind works. This part of them, along with their eyes, is what will create the impression that they are simply an observer of what is going on ‘out there’.

In reality, one is co-creating what they see ‘out there’, meaning that they are observing their own creation. What they see ‘out there’ will be a reflection of what is held in their own consciousness.

A Profound Realisation

What this means is that for something to appear ‘out there’, it first needs to exist within their consciousness. Likewise, for something to appear ‘out there’ that affects a lot of people, it also first needs to exist in a lot of people’s consciousness.

Taking this into account, before ‘the elites’ existed ‘out there’, there had to be a certain level of consciousness in place; if this wasn’t the case, people like this wouldn’t have been able to materialise. Once they were in place, this external manifestation will be sustained through people focusing on and resisting what is taking place ‘out there’.

Drawing the Line

The reason for this is that what is resisted is what will both persist and grow. So, trying to fight what appears to be going on ‘out there’ is a complete waste of time and energy; it is an approach that will just lead to more of the same.

Through having this approach, one will unknowingly be feeding the very thing that they want to kill off. Considering this, taking their focus away for what is going on externally and cleaning their own consciousness is going to be imperative.

Final Thoughts

The ego-mind has all kinds of ways to distract someone from what is taking place internally, to stop them from experiencing pain, and being focused on what is going on ‘out there’ is one way that this takes place. This can cause one to be caught up in a dream; a dream that is a consequence of what is taking place in their conscious and unconscious mind.

With the help of their fellow human beings, they have co-created what is currently taking place on this earth. Ergo, for the world ‘out there’ to change and for there to be ‘heaven on earth’, what is going on internally will need to change so that a new dream can be created.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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