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As I’ve indicated to the House before and I’ll indicate again today, this work is being done by the secretary of my department. It’s being done at arm’s length from me. I have no involvement in that process, and nor should I. That would be inappropriate. The secretary should conduct his inquiries as he sees fit and without any interference or any involvement from me as prime minister. That would be highly inappropriate. He has not provided me with a further update about when I might expect that report, but I have no doubt the opposition will be able to ask questions of him in Senate estimates next week, which is the appropriate place where those matters can be raised with the secretary of my department.
Yet again we see the rather personal, sledging way the leader of the opposition is asking this question. He wishes to get into this, whether it’s me or, indeed, by trying to undermine the credibility of the secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. He’s undertaken personal attacks, which is his form. On our side of the House, we will take a different approach. We will appoint people as secretaries of departments because of their credibility for those jobs, whether it’s Secretary Pezzullo or former Secretary Moraitis, who once sat opposite each other in opposition in Kim Beazley’s office. They are fine public servants and fine secretaries. Secretary Kennedy worked for the last Labor government and is a fine public servant doing a fine job. We will put people in those jobs because they have the credibility and the experience and the professional expertise to do those jobs.

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